Mar 30, 2014

Should I live in Joaquin Neighborhood?

I really like this picture from the mayor's blog. I think it encapsulates the positive side of living in this neighborhood. We moved here last year, so we are relative newbies to the neighborhood (though not Provo itself). A year later I am still enjoying our time here in Joaquin. It's a fun place to live.

This is why I like Joaquin and chose to live here:

This neighborhood is a classic. It has a sense of place, a personality, a history, and you can't beat it for all-around character. If you like rows of matching brown houses, this is not the neighborhood for you. If a mix of cute houses, weird houses, gorgeous houses, apartments, and duplexes intrigues you, this is definitely the place for you. Do you like bungalows? Colonials? Towers? We have them all.

This neighborhood has a good vibe. There are a lot of people out and about. We have an eclectic mix of homeowners, renters, young couples, BYU students, lifers, and singles. And on a nice day, most of these people are out walking, biking, skateboarding, strolling, running, and generally enjoying the flat, shady streets.

This neighborhood has trees. Huge, old, leafy, rulers-of-the-forest trees. I love trees.

There's a lot going on around here. I feel like there's always something to do in Provo, and I can get to it all so, so easily from Joaquin.

This neighborhood is friendly. (Generally speaking--I'm sure there are some grouches out there but fortunately I haven't met them yet.) If you lose your dog, this is the neighborhood to do it in. Lots of people will help you look for it! A lot of people don't have garages, or have garages that were made to fit Model Ts, so of necessity we have lots of chances to interact with our neighbors. You see the same people out walking a lot, and if you're like me, will assign them secret nicknames, or if you are more outgoing than me, will actually chat with them and catch up on the local gossip.

In sum: big trees, old houses, wide streets with lots of kids playing, people walking their dogs, and yes, a fair amount of gals on retro bicycles zipping around. There's a lot of good energy going on here!



And do not forget you can WALK into the mountains from here. If you want you can pick out the view of your home (apartment, condo,house) from the panoramic vista of the Shoreline Trail. Thanks for the blog I enjoy reading it, especially this morning after I could not fall back asleep after getting up in the middle of the night to check out if the moon was actually red as touted.

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