Mar 30, 2014

Things to do in and around Joaquin Neighborhood

I love how central Joaquin Neighborhood is to all the fun things to do in Provo.  Living here in Joaquin, within 5 minutes we can go do something interesting with our kids. We walk to one of the three parks close to us, Joaquin Park, Memorial Park, or the Provo Peaks Elementary School park when school's not in session. We go to the library, we go to the new Rec center, we go to the Covey Center, we go out to eat, we go to BYU, explore the Downtown, parades, shopping, etc. Joaquin is a neighborhood that invites a walking or biking lifestyle. (Although with small kids that can get tricky). But the nice thing is, if we want to go further afield in Provo or Orem, it's incredibly easy to jump onto University Avenue or State Street and get there quick!


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